22. Oktober 2009

Mad magazine

old mad magazine I found in New York two years ago
looking at the cover always makes me happy 

21. Oktober 2009


Angela and the space capsule


in the car
east germany 2009

Juan Gatti
Buenos Aires, for the spanish VOGUE

20. Oktober 2009


that liquid colour thing i experimented with
couple of years ago

 car park
Meatpacking District NYC 2007

Book I am reading at the moment
 it tells through original documents and letters
 how the SI tried to form and define its cultural mission
(a complete transformation of personal life within the Society of the Spectacle)

 one morning on an abandoned golf course 
summer 2009 Berlin

Drawing  284/300
work for the FMP 2009

New York City
the view from my window 2007 Polaroid 

18. Oktober 2009

Summer Project


2. Oktober 2009

10 IMAGES i like

Williem de Kooning

Georges Seurat, The Echo 1883
after being to the exhibition georges seurat: the drawings shown in the MOMA 
i became a huge fan espacially of his drawings
this newspaper cut I carry around with me ever since

Casco Viejo, Panama City
Dezember 2007

Ceri Amphlett

Mike Mills

Pablo Picasso

August Sander
Secretary at a radio station